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Product Marketing consists of Analysis, Strategy, Planning, Launch and Promotion

Spet. 4  2010
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Presentation - Tips and Tools
 August, 23,  2010
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How to conduct productive meetings

How to communicate change

Everyone creates spam and how to prevent it

How to talk to your employess to get things done

International correspondence

May 30,  2010
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Effective Meetings
Spet. 4  2010
New Resource available:

Presentation - Tips and Tools

Marketing Consulting for Technology Companies

Product Strategy - Product Positioning - Sales Strategy
 Sales Readiness - Market Penetration

DEITON gets results without straining your marketing budget.

Economic upturn is on the horizon. How to maximize your success and stand out as winner? Competitive product positioning, effective product launches and targeted product marketing gets you there. Whether you want to grow your business or establish new markets - DEITON delivers.

Did you know?

Articles and Whitepapers are powerful tools for creating quality leads. Furthermore, they send a strong message of expertise. Trade magazines and related Web sites are always looking for technical articles.


You have motivated staff, but they need direction developing most effective product and marketing strategies? Head-of-Marketing services available on a very affordable retain base. contact us for more information

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Marketing Glossary

Advertisement, Ad  Advertisement (Ad, Advert)
Article  Article
Business Case  Business Case
Buy, Build or Partner Strategy  Buy, Build or Partner Strategy
Competitive Analysis  Competitive Analysis
Customer Acquisition  Customer Acquisition
Madison Avenue  Madison Avenue
Sales Channel Training  Sales Channel Training

Articles and Papers

Advertisement, Ad  Effective Meetings
Advertisement, Ad  Communicating Change

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